2014 Ford Explorer

The latest Ford Explore SUV has been a huge success in the market. Most buyers’ expectations were met by the vehicle; it is fun to drive and it fits the role of a family hauler perfectly. But there is a little problem, the design is old. So, what do you do to a product that has worn out the buyers? You strategize, add more features to attract new customers and repackage. This is similar to what they call rebooting in the movie industry and this was exactly what Ford did to the Explorer. Explorer fans should watch out, the 2014 Ford Explorer is going through a rebooting process and it will come out stronger and better; it is going to be awesome.

In 2011, the Explorer was redesigned, and that was when it changed from a truck-based SUV to something more like a car; a crossover. 2014 ford explorer rumor has it that the automakers will likely introduce a modest update to the seven-passenger crossover SUV so as to keep it fresh. Modest, they said, so we should expect minor modifications to the styling. The interior of the Ford explorer 2014 model will be enhanced, and the front and rear ends will also receive some treatments. Some new features, new wheel designs and exterior colors, as well as more option packages may be offered. All in all, there will be no major revision, the current shape and dimensions are all expected to remain as it were.

From what we heard, the Ford Explorer 2014 model will be built with a 365 HP twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine with which the new Ford Taurus model makes 0 to 60 mph dash in just 5 seconds! According to the 2014 ford explorer rumor we heard, the EcoBoost V6 does not just offer plenty of horsepower it is also easy on fuel. The automaker will try to reach a balance between an all-out performance level and reasonable fuel economy. The target is believed to be 16 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway which is an improvement on the 12/18 mpg offered by the more expensive Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 and the 13/20 mpg that is expected from the 5.7-L, Hemi V-8 Dodge Durango. Aside from the better fuel economy and satisfying performance of the 2014 Explorer, Ford will strengthen its chassis, make its brake rotors stronger, lowered its suspension, and ensure that the steering system feels faster.

The price has not been announced. There is something about the Explorer; it is unique and special. In my opinion, Ford is in a class of its own and the Explorer is right there with the best. I have driven a lot of cars and read about many but I believe few are built like the Ford Explorer. If you feel the same way about the Explorer as I do and you will like to get the 2014 Ford Explorer in your driveway, you may have to pay up to $40,700 for one.

Along with the expected smoother handling and an out-of-the-world suspension, if Ford achieves its plan to increase performance and improve the fuel economy, the 2014 Explorer will even be a bigger success than its predecessors.


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