2014 Ford F-150

For some time now, Ford’s F-150 has been consistent as a high selling vehicle in the U.S. It was so good that a lot of people considered the 2012 version of it as the truck of the year for that year. Ford is not ready to rest on its laurels; it is coming with a better package; the 2014 Ford F-150.

In the 90’s, Chevrolet Silverado was the hit. Everything about it was great, from the interior and exterior design to its engine, it was a must have for truck lovers! Whenever it moves, other trucks stop and their owners gape with envy. Fast forward to the present, the Ford F-150 is receiving similar attention from other trucks and their owners. No doubt about it, Ford F is in a different class. You cannot argue with its success!

2014 F-150 Probable Changes 

Past success belongs to the past. Ford is set to take over the present. It is a fact that the grille will be restyle to make the light duty option look even more special. We have heard that for the next generation of Ford F-Series, starting with the 2014 F-150, ford will start using extensively, weight-saving materials. Aluminium and magnesium have been chosen to help reduce weight in order to meet up with modern fuel economy standards.

Aluminium body panels will be used generously on the doors and fender of the Ford F-150 2014. This is a new technology that will be introduced to the Ford F-series. In the current model, the experiment was tried on only the hood. This will reduce the 5600 pounds weight of this current model seriously. Ford also announced that although it will use aluminium panels extensively, magnesium will also be used to reduce the weight further. Magnesium body panels were experimented with in the Lincoln MKT’s tailgate.

In the past, the highest selling trucks manufacturers in America turned a blind eye to modern technology and chose to focus only on profit making. Things are different now; Chrysler and GM are putting their buyers’ interest at heart and with the 2014 Ford F-150, ford is set to follow the same footstep. Trucks that are more fuel efficient are slowly replacing the old types. Automakers know that the U.S. Corporate Average Fuel-Economy (CAFE) is planning a stricter Carbon emission standard campaign for 2014. By 2014, EPA’s CAFE will insist that every fleet wide vehicle must average at least 31.3mpg. For 2015, it will be 32.6mpg, and that figure will still increase to 34.1mpg by 2016. This could be the main reason behind this new rush by automakers to reduce weight. If it weighs less, it uses less fuel, and it emits less Carbon.

If it weighs less, it needs a smaller engine. From the GM’s hybrid line up to the Eco-boost V6 in F-150, automakers have been trying to improve their engine. We expect a further improvement in the performance from the Ford F-150 2014’s engine. If what we are hearing is true, Ford engineers are planning to play with the front-end aerodynamics; they may also add some upscale lighting choices, especially in the exclusive options.

Is 2014 Ford F-150 worth waiting for ?

Aside from the introduction of a smaller engine and some new features, direct-injection and forced-induction are about to be introduced. There is doubt; the 2014 F-150 is worth waiting for. All the crosstown rivals get set, the battle is about to get really intense!


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