2014 Toyota Tacoma

If you are a pick-up trucks’ fan, the 2014 Toyota Tacoma is coming for you. If you want to get a truck that combines efficiency and ostentatious design, you should wait for this truck to enter the showrooms. We expect a more powerful engine and a better styled design. There is also a rumour going on that Toyota will collaborated with Ford motor company to introduce more technology into its new product. Although Toyota has not announced the release date and price, from all indications, the truck will enter showrooms late 2013 and the base price will still be around $17,265.

2014 Toyota Tacoma Engines

Information about the engine’s spec are still closely guarded, we have heard of a V6 and 4 cylinder engines. We do not know if the two engines will be available or just one of it will come. If a new 4 cylinder engine makes an entry, a 5 speed standard automatic transmission will definitely be made available. The 2.7 litre engine previously used may give way for an improved 6 cylinder one. If this happened, we expect a 6 speed automatic transmission to come along. The fuel efficiency of the 6-cylinder and 4-cylinder is rated at 26 and 30 mph respectively.

From the information we got, one of the changes we should expect to see in the Toyota Tacoma 2014 is the introduction of Direct Injection engine. We do not know if this will be the direct injection V6 or a new direct injection 4.6-Litre or 5.7 Litre. Direct injection is another way to increase fuel efficiency, and it is estimated that there will be a 5-10% improvement in the gas mileage with its introduction.

Aside from the Direct Injection engine, we also know that some things will change in the 2014 Tacoma.

2014 Toyota Tacoma Features

It is a fact that the new truck will come with a larger fuel tank, more traditional styling and an aggressive look. We also know that as part of its plan to improve 2014 Tacoma’s fuel economy, Toyota will lower its ride height just a little, flatten the underside and make it more aerodynamic. This will be done without lowering the underside too much to prevent ground clearance. We have also confirmed that a new dash is coming. The oversized knobs will return, but the layout of the dash will be modified. There will be new gauges and better quality materials will be used.

Toyota has long been a fan of Variable valve timing (VVT); currently some of its engines are running on a variable valve lift system. We have heard rumours that this may also be used in the Toyota Tacoma 2014. Hydraulic steering pumps are gradually being replaced by the more efficient electric motors, Toyota likes to be among the pace setters, we will be surprised if it does not introduce electric steering to its new products. With most automaker embracing weight reduction technologies, we expect Toyota to follow the modern trend by using high strength steel.
Buyers were not happy with the frame design of the 2012 model. With the expected change in frame design, new interior design, a better performing engine, integrated brake controller, cheap price and other impressive features we have mentioned above, why will you not wait for 2014 Toyota Tacoma?



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  1. Larry McHaney

    I have been waiting for months for the 2014 Tacoma because of reports from these web sites that there would be a substantial improvement in fuel economy. Now I find out there is absolutely no change from the 2013. Thanks propaganda masters.

  2. akfred nieves

    I will wait until 2014 first quarter. Tacoma trucks have a high resale value and 5 year cycle. Black color is great!!!!

  3. Andy

    I don’t think you would need to wait. The 2014 model is a good design and perhaps Toyota would continue the trend with its new models as the year passes by. You could think of selling your 2013 model later on when you would want to buy, may be the 2015 model. I am sure, Tacoma keeps a value for their cars.

  4. Greg

    I am needing a new truck and needing it this year. I have looked at the 2013 models and i love them. Do you think i should wait for the 2014 models to come out? I have never owned a toyota tacoma before. If i do wait when do you think they will be for sale?

    1. luis navarro

      i would definetly wait if i was you ..actually, i am waiting, i love the 2013 model tacoma, but the 2 biggest factors that i did not like were the bad fuel mileage (17 city/ 19 hwy) and the materials used on the dashboard on the 2012/2013 tacome looked “cheap” …i was still gonna get the 2013 but when i heared that these 2 issues would be fixed for 2014 i decided why not just wait ..im a huge Tacoma fan!

  5. Jay

    Too bad there is still a chicken tax in the USA or we would have the opportunity to buy the Volkswagen Amarok which uses a 4cly turbo diesel that gets 32mpg with 180HP and 400lbs of torque ( a towing monster!) with a base start price at 24,950.

    1. Dan

      I agree Jay, I found out about eh VW Amarok earlier this year while searching for “most fuel efficient trucks” and there it was. I called VW customer relations and there is the #1 reason why it is not here and probably won’t ever be. They did say they are “gauging” the truck market segment and future plans of production in the USA to get around this chicken tax would be a option, but not anytime soon. In 2018 that chicken tax starts phasing out and you will start seeing many models from around the globe here in the USA by 2020.

      1. Bobby Dylan

        I am waiting until 2018 or 2020 to buy a new truck. Feds are player hatin’.

  6. Don Campbell

    In 2004 I purchased a 2004 Tacoma, 4×4 pickup, I still have the truck and it has been great with no serious issues. Prior to this truck, I had purchased a new tacoma years ago then traded it for the 2004 tacoma.
    In 2014 I will be considering buying another vehicle (Tacoma 4×4 ). Maybe……
    When will toyota engineers design a truck the customer would like (sporty and sharp looking, rather than what toyota engineers put on the show room floor.
    I”m not a Ford fan, but their engineers are making a super good looking truck.

  7. Dave

    Could you please elaborate on your comment that “Buyers were not happy with the frame design of the 2012 model”? I can’t find that documented anywhere.

  8. doug card

    A tacoma that gets 20/25 with a V6 and tows 7000 would be my dream vehicle. They could get even better with a hybrid system that boosts teh mpg just a few miles. The highlander is an excellent example of increased mileage. Dont know how a hybrid would affect towing but if they could resolve that the Tacoma would be one heck of a fun truck.

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